CHC Notices 21 May 2020

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Posted By: Kate Moerman
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Date Posted: Thu, 28 May 2020
Notices 21 May 2020

We had 17 at rehearsal and the artist theme brought Billie Idol, Michael Jackson and some gorgeous face masks in screen! Pam had the best background tonight – part of her own rocking band.

Thanks to Susan H for coordinating the videos tonight. What a great selection! This week we were At Home With… Sue D! And Dusty and Digger ? It is amazing to see how the trees have recovered from the bushfire. Thanks for giving us a tour of the garden. It will be lovely when it is established. Dusty. And the house ? We hope that John had a productive day!

Rehearsal 28 May
  • Videos from Kath (this is going to be great – make sure you come along for that!)
  • Theme – come as your favourite character from a film!
  • At home with … Sarah!
Chorus Quartets – It was lovely seeing everybody. Some people had recorded new things, and some things were from previous years. It was a great effort from the organsisers – they did a fantastic job.

Phone Tree
Thanks to Sue D for organising the phone tree. I hope that you have made/received a call this week. I need to make my call, still but was delighted to have one of our lovely members call me yesterday. It made my day.

Poll/Audit weekend zoom rehearsals…
A poll/audit was sent out to see if there is more availability on weekends for zoom rehearsals. Please complete this if you haven’t already.

Video Recording Oh! Look at me now!
We have a good number of videos in to put together a video montage of Oh! Look at me no! We need more baritone and bass! More leads! Kat is also offering to assist with tech support (a USB mike? A phone to record into? We can sort it out. We might have enough for a compilation soon.

Send through WhatsApp – get Kat’s phone and put it into the app.  You can then send Kat the recording through WhatsApp.

Logistics to get Heather D to rehearsals
We are trying to work out a tech solution for Heather to join rehearsals. It is a logistical conumdrum and we are working on solving it. Maybe a trial zoom meeting and a list of instructions? Kat was going to try and get in touch with some members to work something out.

Singing and Covid and where to for us
We had another conversation about how to move forward. There is more information becoming available about singing and how people breath when we sing and the what that means for the aerosols in our breath and how they move. Things are also changing in the ACT regarding the restrictions. Since last week Sweet Adelines Australia have also released information.

Pam went to a meeting coordinated by the Gondwana Choir about singing and the risks. Raina Macintyre (Professor at NSW and expert in biosecurity, worked on MERS and SARS (see link below for more information) is of the view that singing in groups is not going to be safe until we have a vaccine that works. 5 meters apart is probably not enough to sing safely and there is a difference between talking and singing. There is also the amount of time we are in a closed space.  I have since looked for some more research and have put in a few links below about aerosols and singing if you want to read about this further.

So what do we do? Pam asked for suggestions. If you have anymore, thoughts send them through.
  • 20 people will soon be able to meet – which is pretty much all of us that have been coming to the zoom rehearsals. But can we sing? We could have a monthly social to get together
  • Pam has offered to do one on one singing lessons with members. Pick a sing you love. Or pick one of the songs the chorus will be learning soon and get a head start. Mel is getting her singing lessons by zoom and that is working well.
  • Perhaps we could get quartets together for singing? Standing in four corners of a big room? Or two per part so we are dueting?
  • There is a program Pam would like to get for the chorus called Harmony Helper which we can put in the music for a sing and when you sing it can tell you if you have the notes right.
I think it is important to also mention that members have different levels of comfort. Some people have different health issues which make the risk greater if they are exposed. Some people are in a higher risk group due to age. Some people may want to be more cautious than others. It is important the chorus supports members where they are at.

This is a conversation we will keep having as we get more information.

Quote of the Night
Many men was my favourite!

Physical warmup:
Vocal warmup: (we did the first 4 minutes – it is 9 minutes altogether)
Watch the first choir in this link from Britains (Choirs) got Talent. Check out the disciplined singing and the choreo. The song is by Carl Jenkins and is in a made up language.
Pentatonix (Evolution of Michael Jackson)

Various links that I found about singing and the corona virus that I found: The flow velocity varies with phonation (14), while the total volume and droplet count increase with loudness (9).