CHC Notices 26 March 2020

Type of post: Newsletter
Posted By: Kate Moerman
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 30 Mar 2020
Notices 26 March 2020

Well, we made it through our first virtual rehearsal. We will be trialling a different platform this week because FB didn’t really work for singing purposes. But it was just lovely to interact in our small groups and chat with you! Management committee are trialling Zoom on Tuesday night and more information will be available before Thursday.

Thanks to Kat for the amazing work she did to get everyone in last week. It was a huge effort and we are so grateful.

Theme this week
Pam promised us a pirate theme this week! Make sure you dial in for it! And I have been asked to include a link to the final video from the virtual rehearsal… Pam must have a reason why she wants you to have a look at it… It is the one with the pirate ship (not the curtains… that is my pre-recorded notices, although you can watch that too if you want.) Maybe copy and paste the link?
Songs this week
Advance Australia Fair and Heartache tonight. If you are able to have the music printed out (or on a different device to what you have your camera on) that would help.

Welcome Michelle
We welcomed Michelle, our newest tenor, as a full member of CHC. Michelle, we will hold your mug and certificate safe!

We do need to hold and AGM. We are still working towards a date of 30 April. More information will be available soon but please note it in your calendar/diary because we need a quorum of members to take part. Please also consider whether you want to be part of the Management Committee. We have the following positions that need to be filled. Being on the Management Committee is fun and rewarding and challenging but fun and rewarding. We also can’t run CHC without Management Committee. Please consider the following roles:
  • Marketing coordinator (Talk to Lynne M for information)
  • Membership coordinator (Talk to June for information)
  • Assistant membership coordinator (Talk to June for information)
  • Treasurer (Ceri has expressed interest in this role)
  • Gig getter (Talk to Janette for information)
Submitting something for Notices
If you have something you want Kate to mention in Notices at rehearsal, please email or message her by Wednesday 6pm to make sure it is included. (It might be easier in Zoom but with FB I pre-recorded notices so it took some faffing about to get it up in time)

Upcoming Dates
30 April AGM